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Shocking World Cup records
Most goals conceded overall in The World Cup Finals?

El Salvador must be in with a shout?

No, it’s the Germans who contradictorily have the meanest defence The World Cup has ever seen, they have conceded more than anyone else due to playing the most games, often reaching the latter stages.

Who has conceded the least?



Yes, largely due to the fact they have only ever played in one World Cup and did pretty well finishing 3rd in the group, they only lost one game and conceded a respectable two goals.

Most goals scored in a single tournament?

This has got to be Brazil, hasn’t it?

Nope, its Hungary in 1954 who scored 27 goals.

Largely due to this

Which nation has the best record of progressing from the first round?

This man Knows…

Yes its Ireland who have made it through the group stages in every World Cup they have played in 1990, 1994 and 2002

Unfortunately for some countries, it isn’t that easy.

Can you name the team that has qualified for 8 World Cups but have never found a way to reach the 2nd round?

Their fans are always a credit to them.

Shame we can’t say the same about the players or management

Yep, it’s Scotland. How did you guess?

Fewest goals scored overall?

There’s a few that have never scored, no, Scotland aren’t one of them.

Dutch East Indies didn’t score despite looking the part

And neither did Trinidad and Tobago, here we see Dwight Yorke being chased by another World Cup underachiever.

Here is another record for Brazil…surely?

Highest goals average overall

Its those goal loving Hungarians again 87 goals in 37 matches

Probably due to this

Highest Scoring draw?

England have a World Cup record!

The highest scoring draw ever in The World Cup Finals was an epic 4-4 between England and Belgium in 1954

Belgium and England will meet again in 2018, lets hope for some of this

Here we see Lukaku pointing to his latest shot. Hopefully, Harry Kane will hit the target.