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Some sayings don’t make any sense to me. How can the best things in life be free when chips cost money?

In this case, it really is true.

You should watch these cracking documentaries, if your eyeballs can stand the picture quality, if not, just listen, they really are that good.

An Impossible Job – 1992

An Impossible job was aired in 1993 and never seen again. This warts and all 45-minute film is all about the late Graham Taylors ill-fated spell in charge of England and the failure to qualify for the 1994 World Cup.

Taylor was a competent manager but possibly a bit out of his depth at the top level. This is painful to watch in places but also has a lighter side thanks to Gazza and co, reminding us of a time when footballers had personalities.

The picture quality isn’t the best but this is still well worth a watch. Graham Taylor will be missed.


Sunderland – 1997

This is a marathon watch at nearly 4 hours in total and again the picture quality is terrible but it does give you an insight into the day to day workings of a football club.

In 1997 Sunderland had just gambled on a new stadium. The Stadium Of Light was being built during filming and this 4 part film documents Sunderland’s need to stay in the top division for the stadium to be a success. All may not have gone to plan….


Warnock – 2005

Neil Warnock is not everyone’s cup of tea, the type of man that could fall out with his own shadow, Warnock at some point has upset most managers.

Warnock is not the most well-liked manager but he gets results, multiple promotions are a testament to his worth as a coach.

Here you can see his trademark ranting and man management skills in action as Sheffield United manager during the 2004/05 season.

Doncaster Rovers – 1998

Doncaster Rovers have done o.k. in recent seasons but here they are a mess on and off the pitch which it makes for excellent entertainment.

Here you will see possibly the worst performance from a football manager ever. He is so bad he had me in fits of laughter at least once.

Doncaster Rovers were rock bottom of the football league, the team and tactics were picked by the owner and nobody was getting paid.

The ground was in so much of a state passers-by kept thinking it was a tile warehouse.

You really shouldn’t laugh watching this, but you will…

Leyton Orient – 1995

John Sitton was in charge of Leyton Orient in 1995, the results were explosive.

At one point Sitton gives one of the most uncompromising half-time team talks of all time, we were scared, I imagine the players were too.

Swindon Town – 1993

This 1993 documentation of a season in the life of Swindon Town was initially supposed to be about the struggle of a small club.

Little did the producer know this would turn out to be the best season in Swindon Towns history and saw them eventually mixing it with the biggest teams in the league.

Glenn Hoddle as player-manager and John Gorman as his assistant formed a formidable team before Hoddle left for Chelsea which as you will see in the video was, shall we say, a bit awkward.