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A place in The Professional Football Association Team Of The Year has been awarded to the best 11 players in their respective divisions since the 1973-74 season.

Voted for by professional footballers, this award means much more than any accolade from the football writers.

The PFA awards are voted for by the player’s footballing peers, the players they face week in and week out. This makes the awards a sought-after prize for any professional player irrespective of what division they play in.

The awards do cause controversy largely due to the fact that the awards are voted for before the end of the season.

Here we take a look at the best team of each season from the top division during the 1990s.



Neville Southall


Big Neville Southall was surely one of the leagues all-time greatest keepers.

He looked like he had just finished a shift on the building site but boy could he move for a big man. Cat-like reflexes and a thorough command of his area set him apart from some tough competition.






Lee Dixon

Lee Dixon once gave me a hand signal that roughly translated means get lost. I was only about 10 Lee, you classy beast. Dixon was class on the pitch though, I’ll give him that.


Des Walker

Being ultra quick and a good reader of the game meant Walker was rarely exposed. On the rare occasion he wasn’t in the right place, he could get back into position in the blink of an eye. Forest finished 9th but Walker was top class.

Alan Hansen
credit -Getty images

Liverpool won their last league title this year, Hansen was instrumental. A great organiser with a bit of panache about him, Hansen was easily the most accomplished defender this season as Liverpool put the disappointment of being pipped by Arsenal the year before behind them, for now.

Stuart Pearce
credit – Daily Express

Thunder thighs Pearce wasn’t the Psycho his nickname eluded to. He was actually a very fair player but never shirked a challenge. He bagged 5 goals this season but his season would end in disappointment after missing a penalty at the World Cup in the summer.