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David Moyes is the king of mediocrity, a trophyless journeyman manager who couldn’t hack it at a big club.

He did win a charity shield which no doubt he will be telling people about in the old folks home. They won’t believe him, they will never have heard of a David Moyes.

Moyes was holding court at one of his riveting pre-match press conferences prior to an F.A. Cup clash between Moyes’s rejuvenated West Ham and League One Wigan Athletic when remarking

The strange thing is that it is only five seasons since they won the FA Cup and were relegated the same year from the Premier League.

If you look back and ask the Wigan people what they would rather have happened, I think they’d say they’d rather still be in the Premier League.

The dour Scotsman routine is old hat for Moyes but this statement was depressing on another level.

No doubt plenty of Wigan fans would agree with him. This is the age of The Premier League and nothing much else.

You could be forgiven for thinking football has ceased to exist outside the Premier League but we’d like to remind David that it does.

Wigan have had it tough since relegation from the Premier League but that last glorious season will live on in the memory of every Wigan fan forever.

The Latics even had to suffer another relegation but they still exist. The crowds have inevitably dwindled, the part-timers have gone but they will be back when things get better, it’s the same at every club.

My team spent many years in the Premier League during its first 10 years, we finished 7th a few times, mostly settling for mid-table, but that’s what it is, isn’t it? Settling.

Will I be telling my grandchildren about a mediocre top table finish?, No.

The younger fans of Wigan may not see the importance of a cup win, they will look at the weakened lineups that the top clubs put out in the early rounds which will further weaken the image of the most famous cup competition in the world, this is a travesty.

Moyes may have a point but he is the wrong man to make it. His career will probably never see a major trophy, the closest he got was an F.A. Cup Final that his Everton team lost against Chelsea. Is it a coincidence that Wigan beat Moyes’s Everton on route to the final?.

Football is about making history, Wigan did it against all odds in 2013. It was the culmination of a golden period where Wigan punched well above their weight.

It ended with a trophy that some huge clubs would love to win again.

Moyes believes that he is too good for The Championship, he believes that keeping a club in The Premier League is the be all and end all, nothing else matters to him. He should ask his own fans if they would swap a relegation for an F.A. Cup win, he might be surprised by their replies after a 38 year wait for cup glory.

Dour Dave’s ambition is misplaced, he, like much of the football world think that money comes above glory.

Ask a football fan in 30 years if he remembers Wigan Athletic winning The F.A. Cup, ask the same fan if he remembers David Moyes, if, by some miracle they do, they may remark “wasn’t that the guy that got sacked from Man Utd?”.

credit – Daily Mirror

Wigan won the game 2-0 but Moyes won’t care as long as he gets his 3 points next week.

Do you value Premier League survival more than a cup win? Leave a comment below.