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Julian Joachim, 42 goals

No doubt our younger readers will be asking Julian Whochim?

Little Julian was banging in goals during the early Premier League era, the clubs that he played for will remember him fondly as a tricky little striker who could turn a player quickly but ultimately as a forward, it isn’t the best record, his 14 assist is nothing to shout about but in the grand scheme if things, 42 top flight goals is still a decent record.

Leicester City were the first to benefit from Joachim’s goals, a £1.5 million move to Aston Villa came after 39 strikes in 140 matches.

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Joachim is still playing in the lower leagues where he spent most of his late career.

Bizarrely, in 2001, Julian Joachim appeared in the Anthony Hopkins film Hannibal, way before Luis Suarez auditioned for the part of the cannibal Doctor Lector.