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We love it when a new autobiography comes out, footballers always release some juicy titbits to get the interest going.

Dyer has had his problems on and off the pitch, this book will no doubt have a little more spice to it then some (Michael Owen = zzzzz).

credit – Daily Mirror

Dyer played for Newcastle United during the reign of Graeme Souness and shared a dressing room with fiery Welshman Craig Bellamy.

Dyers most recent anecdote from The Daily Mail talks about a confrontation between Souness and Bellamy.

“We had played Charlton and he (Souness) had substituted Craig Bellamy,” Dyer recalled. “The TV cameras caught Craig muttering ‘f****** p****’ in his direction as he walked off. Souness didn’t see or hear it, but when he was shown footage, he was livid.

“There had also been stories about an altercation between Craig and Nicky Butt before the England-Wales game a week or so earlier. Souness wasn’t happy about that, either. He called a meeting.

“‘When I was on the outside, looking at this football club,’ Souness said, ‘I saw a very talented team, but people who are out of control and think they are above the law. Let’s take a typical week since I have been Newcastle manager.’

“He looked at me. ‘I have just been to the police station with this little p****,’ he said. ‘It’s probably normal for him to be back and forth to the police station all the time, but it’s not normal for me.’

“Then he moved on to Craig and Butty. He had heard about their altercation and that Butty had threatened to beat the s*** out of Craig. ‘I wish he had beaten the s*** out of you,’ Souness said.

“Craig had been warned by Dean Saunders, Souey’s assistant, not to answer back, but it wasn’t in Craig’s make-up to keep quiet. He started protesting that there hadn’t been any argument.

“Alan Shearer had to pull Souness off him. That was the first time in my life I’ve seen Bellers completely speechless. They never made it to the gym, but it knocked the stuffing out of Craig. Souness had put down a marker.”

Souness once famously planted a Galatasaray flag on the centre spot of arch-rivals Fenerbahce’s pitch. We are sure he would have no qualms about planting one on an unruly player.